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Mary's List was created by Mary Gregory, a Program Officer at Pacific Foundation Services, as a way for non-profits to connect with qualified consultants and for consultants to connect with each other. With consultants on the list and new job postings every week, PFS offers Mary's List as a valuable service to the non-profit community in San Francisco and as a communication hub for consultants.

Several times a year, we try to get Mary's List consultants together, often at the Foundation Center. This gives members a chance to network and share stories and find collaborators. If you are interested in attending to get more information about Mary’s List, please click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page, and we’ll give you the date of the next gathering.

If you are a non-profit organization seeking part-time or temporary full-time paid consulting help (not volunteer help!) with some aspect of fundraising or organizational development, you can register on Mary's List and post job opportunities for free to the Job Listings page, which is accessible to all the consultant members.
If you are a consultant in fundraising, organizational development, graphics, communications, etc., you may become a member by paying a low annual fee of $85 (less than the value of an hour of your time). As a member, you have unlimited access to the Job Listings and to the Message Board.
This service saves time for both the non-profit and the consultant. A non-profit doesn't have to search through long lists of consultants, seeking one with the right qualifications. Consultants have a convenient place to look for work that fits their skills, and they contact the non-profits directly about jobs for which they are qualified and available.
Please Note: Neither Mary's List nor Pacific Foundation Services endorses or recommends the consultants who sign up with Mary's List. We are simply trying to provide an efficient way to match non-profit needs and consultant services. Non-profits must be sure to do their own screening of potential employees.
Free Services: Occasionally, Mary’s List is made aware of consultants who are willing to work for free or reduced rates in order to build their client list. Their names and email addresses are listed on the Resources page, if we have recently heard of a person or persons). Again, interviewing and hiring them is up to each non-profit—Mary’s List makes no recommendations.
Consultants who wish to post a subcontracting job: Log out as a consultant, and register as if you are a non-profit. The log in using the non-profit account in order to post your job.